System baud rate is 9600 8N1. That's 8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit. If testing with a PC, a null modem / crossover cable is required. Pins 2 & 3 must swap when two 'master' devices are talking with each other. Pin 5 is ground.

In the following pages, the text [cr] is used to represent a single data byte, the carriage return. This value is decimal 13 or hex 0x0D. All commands are terminated with a carriage return.

Also, in the following pages some syntax may be provided in code blocks, like this:

This is code in a block. 
It's how our online markdown language calls out this type of text. 

--! Note the grey '1' and '2', etc in the far left column. !--

These are line numbers for reference only. Don't include 
them in actual commands!

Some sample real RS-232 commands just for reference:


Screenshots of terminal output are based on the excellent RealTerm program.