Recall a Scene

Recalling a Stored Scene

  • S is a capital S

  • XXX is the desired scene number, valid range is [1 063]

TTT is the scene crossfade time, valid range is [000 999] tenths of a second 

Up to 63 DMX scenes may be saved in memory. This memory is permanent and will survive a power cycle. Scenes may be recalled from memory and faded in over a specific time. Scene recall commands overwrite the DMX output buffer with stored data. Using this basic command, all channels are changed from their ‘live’ value to that which was stored in memory.

Example: recall stored scene #1 instantly:


Example: crossfade from the current DMX output buffer with the contents of scene 32 over 5.7 seconds:


However, in some instances it is desirable to recall a stored scene, but only apply it to part of a DMX universe. For example, consider a three-room home automation installation. Each room uses 15 channels of DMX for RGB accent lighting. It might be useful to recall a scene but only apply that data to a specific range of DMX channels. One room can change color while leaving the other rooms unaffected.

For that purpose, the S command can be overloaded with mask values:


In this case, L and H represent the lower and upper bounds of the DMX channel range to be copied from system memory to the constantly repeating DMX output buffer. Other valid commands could include:


S6:030[cr] Recall scene six, three second crossfade.


S6:030,10,30[cr]As above, but only copy channels between 10 and 30 from memory to the DMX output buffer.


S6:000,100,150[cr] As above, but only copy channels 100-150 from memory to output. All other channel information carries through. Zero fade time.