Store a Scene

Up to 63 DMX scenes may be saved in memory. A scene is a copy of the current DMX output buffer. This memory is permanent and will survive a power cycle.

Typically, a group of 'G, ‘F’ or ‘A’ commands will be used to build a particular lighting scene. Once the desired look has been achieved, it can be stored in memory for future use. This greatly reduces programming and execution time.

There are no write protect settings. Any scene may be, at any time, re-recorded with an M command. Previously stored data in that memory bank will be replaced.


For example, following the completion of these commands:


... the DMX output buffer would have the following values:

CH1 : 100

CH2 : 255

CH10 : 128
CH11 : 127
CH12 : 126
CH7 : 10

and memory bank #22 may be recalled at any time in the future.